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Kimberly Shields

Your Trusted Realtor ®

Professional headshot of Kimberly Shields, realtor in Hudson Valley, smiling in a black blazer and blue blouse
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About Kimberly..

22+ Years Of Experience 

In the mortgage industry. Known for her unbeatable work ethic, flexibility, creative problem-solving, exceptional communication, quick learning, strong client relations and team building.


Kimberly possesses effective communication skills, making her well-suited to understand client needs, and efficiently convey complex real estate information in a straightforward manner.


Kimberly has demonstrated organizational skills, essential for efficiently managing listings, appointments, and client relationships in a real estate context.

Expert Negotiator

Ability sell anything in all fields & situations but especially in the real estate industry for selling properties and services to potential clients.

Marketing Knowledge

Client Dedication

Negotiation Expert


Strategic Marketing


Giving Any & All Advice

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